The Czarnorzeki-Strzyżowski Landscape Park

49°45'19"N 21°48'55"E (49.755303, 21.8155)

The Czarnorzeki-Strzyżowski Landscape Park was created in 1993. It is located in Strzyżów and Dynów foothills; it occupies an area of 25 784 ha. The enchanting and protected landscape is made up of ranges of hills (the highest peak is Sucha Góra (585 m above sea level), intersected by valleys and numerous outcrops made of sandstone, which are formed in the form of outliers as a result of the erosion process. 

Some of them have the status of natural monuments. There are three nature reserves in the Park: Prządki named after Henryk Świdnicki (it protects the inselbergs), Chełm Mountain (it is a forest nature reserve, and it protects enclaves of beech forests) and Herby reserve (the inanimate nature reserve, which protects rock outcrops). Almost half of The Park consists of natural forests with fir, beech, and pine trees. The second part of the Park consists of agricultural land. In the Park, there are 64 flora protected species, 48 of them are totally protected, and 16 of them are partially protected. Among fauna, 217 species of animals under legal protection in Poland have been found and documented, including 134 species of birds, 26 species of mammals, 6 species of reptiles, 16 species of amphibians, and 5 protected fish species.

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