Prządki Nature Reserve

49°44'30"N 21°48'29"E (49.741944, 21.808333)

The Prządki Nature Reserve, named after Henryk Świdziński, was created in 1957. It is located on the border of Korczyna and Czarnorzeki, and it covers over 13 ha. It is an inanimate nature reserve-it protects the group of inselbergs with a height of more than 20 m, built of coarse-grained sandstone from Ciężkowice. The inselbergs have interesting shapes because of the erosion process. The geological age of the inselbergs is determined by the lower Eocene (55-35 million years ago). They are characterized by cellular structure, i.e., small and irregular depressions on the surface because of different binder resistance on the mechanical and chemical airing. 

Outliers with unusual shapes are, according to legend, girls punished by turning into rocks for spinning flax during the church holiday. Therefore, the name of the reserve and some of the stones have women’s names: Mother-Prządka, Grandma-Prządka, etc. It is one of the most exciting rock reserves in the south-eastern part of Poland.

Its sightseeing is made more accessible by the black hiking trail running from the Kamieniec Castle towards Sucha Góra.

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