The Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń

Podzamcze 1, 38-420 Korczyna
49°44'33"N 21°47'10"E (49.742522, 21.786178)

There are ruins of the Kamieniec castle, located near Krosno, on the Korczyna and Odrzykoń border. It is a mighty medieval defensive stronghold situated on a rocky hill. The first records of the castle came from 1348, when Kamieniec was a royal property.

In 1396, it became the property of the Pilawa family, whose branch sitting on the Kamieniec castle took the name of Kamieniecki from the stronghold. The most prominent representative of the family was the first Great Crown Hetman in our history, Mikołaj Kamieniecki (+1515). In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the castle, divided into High and Middle, remained the property of other eminent families, including Boner, Firlej, and Skotnicki.

 However, in the 17th century, the stronghold was significantly damaged during the "deluge" by the Swedish ally, the prince of Transylvania, Jerzy II Rakoczy, and consequently fell into ruin while remaining the property magnates, incl. Branicki and Jabłonowski families.

 The castle was reborn as a literary hero. Its history - and more specifically the feud between Firlej and Skotnicki - became the inspiration for the comedy "Zemsta" (the revenge) by Aleksander Fredro. In 1828, thanks to his marriage with Zofia Jabłonowska, the comedy writer possessed the castle and its archives. While investigating the latter, he found news of a heated family dispute, which ended only with children's wedding from conflicting families.

The ruins of Kamieniec can be reached by the green trail from Krosno, while the blue trail starts at the castle: the blue trail runs towards Wiśniowa and Dębica, and the black trail leads through the Prządki Reserve to Czarny Dział.

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