Diabli Kamień

49°36'07"N 21°22'05"E (49.602194, 21.368222)

The inanimate nature monument Diabli Kamień (Devil's stone) is situated, as mentioned, in the Magura National Park. One can get to Diabli Kamień using the black trail from Folusz village. 

Initially, it leads along the already mentioned Kłopotnica stream and then crosses it to climb a fairly steep slope. 

Diabli Kamień is a group of six big rocks built of so-called Magurski coarse-grained sandstone and conglomerates, commonly in the layers of rocks creating Beskid Niski. 

The highest outcrop reaches a height of more than 10 m.

According to legend, the devil wanted to destroy the church in nearby Cieklin, throwing a massive boulder onto the temple under cover of night. 

The attempt failed because the rooster crowed, and the devil dropped the large rock at dawn, which fell into pieces in the forest in Folusz. Around the outcrop, wooden railings were installed, which facilitate moving and information boards, benches, and the Magurski National Park commemorative stamp.

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