The Magurski Waterfall

One of the more exciting attractions near Folusz is Magurski Waterfall. The name of it was taken from the appellation of the Magurski range where it is situated. The waterfall is located south of Folusz village on the slopes of the Kosma (675 m) and Kosińska (700 m) mountains. The waterfall threshold is situated at the height of approx. 490 m a. s. l. It is also the former forest road leading to Kosińska. The water falls in two cascades, which count together approx. 7 m of height. The mechanism of formation of this waterfall looked as follows: first, water eluted small grains of soil, then the layers of schist stones creating the riverbed this way, which in the lower layers became more and more deeper, causing landslides. Finally, the hard rocks of the Magurski sandstone appeared, creating the rock step.

You may get to the waterfall, taking the green trail from Folusz. Near the path, there are benches and information boards. The waterfall is situated in the Magurski National Park, and from 1st of May to 31st of October, the entrance fees are charged.

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