The observation platform on Grzywacka Góra

Grzywacka Góra measures 567 m a. s. l. and it is located above Kąty locality, in the western part of Beskid Niski in the Beskid Dukielski range. 

 It is a popular destination for tourists both due to the observation tower and the Millennium Cross, commemorating the turn of the 2nd and 3rd millennium and remembering John Paul II's journeys in these areas. There is also a way of the cross leading to the top from Kąty, with forged stations. Alternatively, you can get to Góra Grzywacka via the red trail from Kąty or the green trail from Nowy Żmigród.

The observation platform, to which the winding stairs lead, rises to 12 m, offering a vast panorama. We will see from here from the north, among others foothills: Ciężkowickie, Strzyżowskie, Dynowskie, the peaks of the Słonne Mountains, the Jasielsko-Sanockie Doły and the Jasielskie Foothills. To the west, the Magura Wątkowska range and excellent air transparency - the Tatra Mountains. In the south, you can see the top of Kamień with a relay, Baranie, and Czerszla. In the east, the characteristic silhouette of Cergowa rises.

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