Hałbowska Pass

49°31'58"N 21°29'54"E (49.533008, 21.498525)

The Hałbowska Pass is located in the Low Beskids, in the Magura National Park, between the peaks of Kamień nad Kąty (714 m above sea level) and Kolanin (705 m above sea level). It is situated at an altitude of 540 m above sea level, on the route from Nowy Żmigród - Krempna, in the area of the former and now non-existent village of Hałbów. The pass is known as the place of execution of Jews from the Nowy Żmigród ghetto. On July 7, 1942, the Nazis brought and murdered about 1,250 people here. The mass execution was led by the occupation starosta of Jasło, Walter Gentz, and the Gestapo officer from Jasło, Helmut Mentz. We reach the place of execution after several dozen meters; the yellow trail leads to it, running here towards Krempna. The bodies of the murdered were placed in a mass grave with a plaque commemorating the crime. There are also stelae with inscriptions, thanks to which we can learn some of the murdered names.

The red Main Beskid Trail runs through the pass.

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