The Educational-Museum Centre in Krempna

Krempna 59, 38-232 Krempna
49°30'40"N 21°29'54"E (49.511267, 21.498378)

In Krempna, there is the headquarters of the Magura National Park; next to its management, an Educational and Museum Center is located, named after the first director of the Park, Jan Szafrański. In June 2019, the facility was enriched with a new exhibition that allows you to learn about nature by discovering it using all senses. Thanks to this, it has become a place that will enable getting to know the natural and cultural heritage of the entire region in depth. While visiting the facility, you can see an exciting exhibition and watch a thirty-minute-long nature spectacle, showing the history of the formation of nature in the park. It is available in four language versions: Polish, English, Slovak, and French. Even corridors have become the exhibition space, with an interactive and modern exhibition on all three levels. The offer also includes a nature room equipped with valuable equipment both for workshops inside the facility (up to 50 people) and educational activities conducted in the field. The center also includes: a conference room adapted to serve groups of up to 100 people and a reading room with a rich collection of various materials of nature, particularly the Beskid Niski.

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