St. Maksymilian Kolbe Church in Krempna

Krempna 14, 38-232 Krempna
49°30'40"N 21°30'16"E (49.511194, 21.504667)

Another attraction of Krempna is the former Lemko Greek Catholic church of St. Cosmas and Damian, built between 1778–1782, using material from the previous, supposedly 275-year-old temple. Currently, it is used as the Roman Catholic church, dedicated to St. Maximilian Kolbe. The temple fully represents the type of the West Lemko church, with an easily grasped tripartite, where the presbytery is connected with the sacristy added from the north. The typical pillar-frame tower, erected above the women's gallery (narthex) and decorated with an apparent room, is the oldest element of the temple, usually dated to the beginning of the 18th century. The tower, the nave, and the presbytery are covered with tented roofs, thanks to the applied breaks, which have a unique charm, the more so as they are crowned with stylish spherical helmets with pseudo lanterns. The roofs are shingled, the walls are planked with vertical boarding. 

Inside, a complete iconostasis has been preserved, which was painted by a Przemyśl artist named Krasucki in 1835-36, with an openwork royal door. Fragments of the older iconostasis dating back to 1664 and displayed on the southern wall of the nave have also survived. It is a Deesis row with Christ Pantocrator surrounded by the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist. On the sides, there are images of the twelve apostles. Two even older icons from the 16th century are even more unique: the first one shows St. Nicholas, the other icon of the Mother of God. In the church's vestibule, there is a feretory with a statue of the Virgin Mary, which is considered miraculous by local Greek Catholics. The church is on the Wooden Architecture Trail.

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