The war cemetery No. 3 in Ożenna

, 38-232 Ożenna
49°25'36"N 21°27'53"E

In Ożenna, where the numbering of Galician cemeteries from World War I begins, we can find three of them, all designed by Dušan Jurkovič, mentioned above. The largest and most easily accessible is cemetery No. 3, which is located next to the parish cemetery, next to the church of the now-defunct St. Basil the Great.

The necropolis is a rectangle surrounded by a stone wall, divided into two quarters - mine, Austro-Hungarian, and hostile - Russian, with separate entrances. In the first one, there are 16 single and 23 collective graves, in which a total of 67 soldiers are buried; in the second, there are 3 single and 13 collective graves, which are the resting place for 356 fallen. They were all victims of the struggles in the nearby trenches in the winter of 1914-15 and severe weather conditions.

The central place in both quarters is occupied by stone walls, topped with cubic crosses, but in the Austro-Hungarian one it is isosceles, and in the Russian one it is two-armed. There are inscription plaques on the walls - the inscription in the Austro-Hungarian part reads: "Faithful sons who gave their lives are hidden with gratitude and pride in the Motherland". At the same time, in the Russian "Fallen enemies, the place of their last rest is sacrificed by compassion and humanism".

The cemeteries mentioned above, No. 1 and 2 in Ożenna, are situated on the edge of the forest, on the slopes of the Czeremcha hill. These are mass graves of Russian soldiers, in the one marked with No. 1 130, including the one with No. 2,150.

All three cemeteries are located on the "Trail of the Eastern Front of World War I".

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