Huta Polańska

, 38-232 Huta Polańska
49°27'15"N 21°32'17"E (49.454442, 21.538089)

Huta Polańska is a former village, an enclave in the Magurski National Park, located near the Mazgalica Pass, along the ridge of which runs the Polish-Slovak border.

 The settlement owes its name to glassworks operating here until the second half of the nineteenth century and allegedly established in the sixteenth or seventeenth century. In any case, before the outbreak of World War II, the village was very extensive and stretched to the border of the country. Although it was located in the Lemko region, most of it was inhabited by Poles of the Roman Catholic faith. To satisfy their religious needs, they had to travel to the distant Żmigród because there were only Greek Catholic or Orthodox churches in the neighboring towns. Therefore, they decided to build a Latin church on the site. Unfortunately, the construction was interrupted by the outbreak of the war, and it was completed only in the 90s.

 During the Nazi occupation, a German border post operated in the village, but it did not prevent the inhabitants from establishing an AK (Home Army) cell. There was also a transfer point to Hungary - by the end of the war, couriers had transported as many as 400 people across the border to the Slovak village of Nižná Pisaná by the end of the war.

 Next to the church, the second building of Huta Polańska is the private shelter Hajstra, located in the construction of the former WOP watchtower. The third is the Pastoral House of the Rzeszów Diocese "Bethania".

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