St. John from Dukla and St. Hubert Church in Huta Polańska

, 38-232 Huta Polańska
49°27'01"N 21°32'22"E (49.450472, 21.539614)

Huta Polańska was a populous village before 1939, but after WWII, it was destroyed and displaced. It was a Polish and Roman Catholic enclave on the Beskid Niski, dominated by Orthodox and Greek Catholic Lemkos. Therefore, back in the 19th century, the inhabitants decided to build a Roman Catholic church.

The first information about this investment came from 1902, when one of the inhabitants donated land for the church. A fundraiser for this project was also started, not only among the inhabitants but also among the Poles living in it in the United States. Unfortunately, during World War I, the collected funds were lost, and subsequent efforts were thwarted by the inflation raging after the war. Finally, in March 1935, the construction committee established by the inhabitants obtained the consent of the bishops' authorities, and the works could begin. They ran smoothly, but the consecration of the temple, scheduled for the first Sunday in September 1939, did not occur. Unfortunately, the building did not live to see the end of the war, severely damaged during the bloody fights of the Dukla-Prešov operation in 1944. The ruins of the church remained in the abandoned village and for several decades fell into disrepair. Only the parish priest from Polany became interested in them in the 1980s, although the first Eucharist in the ruins of the church was celebrated only in 1992. During its celebration, the square and the ruins were consecrated with the hope of a quick reconstruction, and in fact - in the presence of the former inhabitants of Huta Polańska, their descendants, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages and hunters supporting the reconstruction, the finished temple was finally consecrated. Church indulgences are held at St. John (on the first Sunday of July) and on St. Hubert (on the first Sunday after All Saints' Day). Apart from them, the church is not left unused.

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