The Reserve of the Millennium at Cergowa Mountain

49°31'58"N 21°42'44"E (49.53295, 21.71245)

The forest Millennium Reserve at Cergowa Mountain was established in 1963 and covers an area of 61.35 ha. The reserve is located on the northern slope of Cergowa Mountain, it is overgrown with an old forest with a beech and fir stand. Many years ago, a lot of yews grew in the forest, but their number decreased, which was due to the increasingly dense and shading forest stand. However at Cergowa, one of the largest European bladdernut sites in Poland is located. It blossoms in spring - the flowers are creamy, while in the autumn appear light-gray seed bags. In the reserve, there are acres of blossoming perennial honesty (forming a light purple carpets), which in the autumn produces silver plaques often called "judas’ silver coins". Rare ferns also grow here - the hart's-tongue and asplenium trichomanes. In the forests one can meet deer, roe deer, boar and even wolf and lynx. Regarding birds - the lesser spotted eagle and the Ural owl create the nests.

The yellow trail passes through the reserve from Dukla to Cergowa and then to Piotruś peak (728 m a. s. l.).

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