The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Tylawa

Tylawa 96, 38-454 Tylawa
49°27'55"N 21°41'40"E (49.465444, 21.6945)

The brick church in Tylawa was built in 1787 as a Greek Catholic; around 1879, a tower was added, which made the temple similar to the classic wooden church of the western Lemko region. Each part of the monument is covered with a separate roof, and each is crowned with a domed turret with an apparent lantern. A few stone tombstones of the old cemetery have survived around, and a new one has been established in the vicinity.

In 1926, the faithful of the local Greek Catholic parish declared their conversion to Orthodoxy, which initiated a series of similar conversions throughout the entire Lemko region. This movement, which eventually covered several dozen parishes, was known as the Tylawa schism (schizma tylawska). After the state authorities approved the establishment of a branch of the Orthodox parish in Tylawa, the temple was transferred to the Orthodox Church, and after the expulsions of the 1940s, it became a Roman Catholic church.

Inside, a four-zone rococo iconostasis has been preserved, made at the end of the 18th century, renovated, and partially transformed in 1908. A painted representation of the Baptism of Rus from 1908 has been preserved on the windowsill of the music choir.

The decorated floor of the monument comes from the 18th century, and the pews date back to the mid-17th century. They were transferred here from the Roman Catholic church in Iwonicz.

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