The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in Zyndranowa

Zyndranowa 2, 38-454 Zyndranowa
49°26'08"N 21°42'49"E (49.435767, 21.713622)

A brick church in Zyndranowa, named after St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker, located in the very center of the village, next to the Lemko Culture Museum, is an Orthodox church, a parish branch in Komańcza. It was built in 1983-85 and consecrated on July 28, 1985, as the first temple of Eastern Christianity built in the Lemko region after WWII. The previous wooden church, erected at the beginning of the nineteenth century and expanded in its middle, with five prominent domes and a magnificent iconostasis, was dismantled in 1962 because it was stripped of rich furnishings and fell into ruin and threatened to collapse.

The new temple refers to the tradition of the Lemko church architecture - each of the three parts is covered with a separate roof with onion towers with apparent lanterns. The nave is broader and higher than the chancel, but the tallest element is, of course, the tower above the women's gallery.

Aleksander Chylak designed the church, a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology from the Lemko region, grandson of Greek Catholic parish priests - on his father's side in Krynica and on his mother's side in Zyndranowa.

Next to the church, there is the green trail from Barwinek to the Hermitage of St. John of Dukla.

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