Rezerwat przyrody Przełom Jasiołki

49°27'27"N 21°44'48"E (49.457667, 21.746722)

The nature reserve "Przełom Jasiołki" is located in the Jaśliska Commune, within the Jaśliska Landscape Park. It was established in 1976 and covers an area of 123.41 ha. The protection covers the natural tree stands growing in the beautiful landscape area of the gorge section of the Jasiołka River. At this point, the river forms a narrow and deeply cut valley between the massifs of Ostra (687 m above sea level) and Piotruś (727 m above sea level). Here and there, the bottom of the valley is very narrow, steep, and rocky slopes, up to 30 m high, sometimes 700 m wide, and the height differences reach 230 m. The local rock niches, landslide tongues, and rock debris fields are among the largest in the Low Beskids.

The protected tree stand is primarily fertile Carpathian beech forest, considered a remnant of the former Carpathian forest, in some places oak-hornbeam forests. There is also one of the largest sites of the common tongue in reserve - the only fern in the country with undivided leaves. Another rare and protected fern is an ostrich plume, growing in the undergrowth of mountain alder. In the undergrowth of beech trees, the perennial period is common, called in the folk tradition a "night maiden", pollinated by night butterflies. In the summer, you can admire the vast carpets of the magnificent yellow bloom, common on the southern side of the border, and in spring, the fields of bear's garlic.

Apart from deer and roe deer fauna, one can observe wild boars and pine martens, numerous species of birds, including rare ones - lesser spotted eagle and black stork, which has its habitat here, and amphibians include a zigzag viper.

The green trail from Tylawa to Barwinek runs through the reserve.

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