The Jaśliski Landscape Park

49°25'54"N 21°45'10"E (49.431944, 21.752778)

Jaśliska Landscape Park was established in 1992; it is located in the eastern part of the Beskid Niski and covers  258.72 km2 in the area of Krempna Dukla, Jaśliska, and Komańcza communes. Its task is primarily to protect the landscape and nature of the upper Jasiołka basin and the Wisłok springs in the eastern part of the Beskid Niski. The highest peak within the park is Kamień nad Jaśliska (857 m above sea level). Not much lower is Pasika (otherwise Wielki Bukowiec - 848 m above sea level) and Danawa (Danowa - 841 m above sea level).

The park area is mainly covered by forest areas, primarily typical beech forests with an admixture of hornbeam, fir, and sycamore, mountain alder complexes by the waters, and natural stands of European larch and yew. In the Jasiołka wilderness and the Kamień Massif, there are the largest and highest-situated peat bogs in the Beskid Niski and the only ones developed on such a scale in the Carpathians. In total, about 900 species of plants were found within the park. Among animals, there are, among others, large mammals, including the brown bear, lynx, and wolf, and over 150 species of birds, including such rare as the golden eagle, lesser spotted eagle, and black stork.

There are many valuable mementos of former inhabitants in the park - Lemko people, who were displaced from here after World War II. In addition to spectacular monuments, such as wooden and brick churches,  a unique atmosphere is created by no longer existing temples, old cemeteries, roadside chapels and crosses, swings, and traces of disappeared farms - outlines of fields, wild orchards.

The blue border trail and other shorter trails and numerous walking paths run through the Jaśliski Landscape Park.

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