The Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria in Jaśliska

, 38-485 Jaśliska
49°26'24"N 21°48'06"E (49.44025, 21.801778)

The dominant feature of the market square in Jaśliska is the church mentioned above of the St. Catherine of Alexandria, built in the years 1732-1756, thanks to the foundation of the Przemyśl bishop Aleksander Antoni Fredro. Consecrated in 1756, 22 years after the founder's death, in 1912, it was expanded, gaining a combination of the then extended nave with a tower - belfry and vaults. Although funded by the bishop, it breaks the canon because it is not oriented - the chancel is facing almost exactly south.

The single-nave interior retains the stylish features of the late Baroque. Beautifully renovated, the architectural main altar is enclosed on each side by three columns; in its center, the Holy Mother of Jaśliska, Queen of Heaven and Earth, reigns. Thanks to the image, the temple owes the status of a Marian sanctuary. The Madonna painted on wood is signed with the date 1634 and the name of Piotr Rafał Burnatowicz from Brzozów - the main seat of Przemyśl bishops in the Old Polish period. Some researchers, however, question this date and move the time of the work's creation as far as the 15th century, assigning Burnatowicz only the role of the conservator.

There is no doubt about the royal character of the representation of the Madonna, who holds the Child in her left hand and holds a scepter in her right hand. The painting has a gilded silver dress made in 1765 or 1766. On June 10, 1997, the image of Our Lady of Jaśliska was crowned by St. John Paul II, during the solemn Holy Mass at the airport in Krosno

The main altar is stylishly harmonized with the side altars by the chancel arch.  In the main field of the one on the right, it is worth paying attention to the Rococo image of St. Tekla, dated to the mid-eighteenth century, miraculously saved from the fire of the presbytery in 1771.

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