Przymiarki is a mountain ridge in Beskid Niski. Located in the band of the Rymanowskie Wzgórza east of Lubatowa, west of Rymanów Zdrój, north of Bałucianki and south of Iwonicz Zdrój. The entire ridge has three culminations. The lowest is the western peak called Uhliska or Wólecka Góra, which has a height of 611 m above sea level, the central part is the Przymiarki peak - 626 m above sea level (the entire ridge takes its name) and the highest peak is Kopa - 640 m above sea level, sometimes called Patryja because of the triangulation tower standing there once. The entire ridge is unforested, that’s why it’s a great viewpoint. Through Przymiarki there is a trail between Iwonicz and Rymanów Zdrój, which is often visited by health resort patients and photographers.

From Przymiarki peak  you can observe a panorama of Pogórze Strzyżowskie and Dynowskie, Doły Jasielsko – Sanockie (Jasielsko-Sanockie Pits), the Bieszczady Mountains, the border Range, Jawornik's Nest, Rymanowskie Wzgórza and Beskid Dukielski. With good visibility, to the left of the characteristic silhouette of Cergowa, the highest parts of the Slovak Tatry mountains can be seen.

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