, 38-481 Rymanów
49°33'01"N 21°51'06"E

Rymanów-Zdrój is located in the Podkarpackie Region, in the Krosno district, in the Tabor river valley. The founders of the spa were Anna and Stanisław Potoccy. In 1876 during a walk with children - son Józef discovered a spring of healing water and from that moment the researches regarding usefulness of water were conducted. Knowing about the occurrence of waters in Iwonicz Zdrój, the Potoccy looked for similar ones in Rymanów. Chemist Tytus Sławik, while he was in Rymanów, examined water in one of the springs and the water showed a strong concentration of iodine and iron. Construction of the first guesthouses, a spa house, and children's health care started. To this day we can admire the Art Nouveau villas - guesthouses "Pod Matką Boską" (now the Mary’s sanatorium), "Pogoń" and "Leliwa".

Rymanów Zdrój is a foothill spa that combines mountain climate features and, thanks to the high content of iodine, the features of a marine climate. There is also higher than average ozone and salt content as well as proper air humidity. Mud and healing waters such as "Celestyna", "Klaudia" and "Tytus" are also used. First of all, orthopedic-traumatic, cardiological, respiratory, rheumatological and urinary tract diseases are treated here.

The red Main Beskids Trail and numerous walking paths run through Rymanów-Zdrój.

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