The cemetery in Wołtuszowa

Wołtuszowa is a former, non-existent any more village located in the Czarny Potok valley, 2 km southeast of the center of Rymanów-Zdrój. The first written mention of the village dates from 1470, where this village appears under the name Valathoslava. At the beginning of the 16th  century, the name Woltoszowa started to function and a little later it appeard as Wołtuszowa. In the mid-16th century, an Orthodox church was already in the village, but as the records of 1761 say, the Orthodox church was "very poor" and "inclined to the last ruin". The new one was built in 1899 dedicated to the Protection of the Mother of God. According to the preserved pictures, it was a wooden temple, fenced with a rail fence. This church survived World War II, the deportation of Lemko people and burning of the village, but it was demolished in 1953, at the behest of contemporary authorities. Apparently, part of the wood from the demolition was used to build spa buildings in Rymanów. The Orthodox church, which is marked by old lindens and oaks, has survived to this day. A baptismal font has also been preserved, in the form of a bowl for holy water. Currently, it is located in a cemetery near the church. The cemetery itself was fenced. At the entrance, in 2000 a large cross was erected and next to it the baptismal font and stone remains of the church. A few more tombstones have survived in the cemetery.

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