49°26'31"N 21°54'26"E (49.442042, 21.907328)

The former village Surowica is placed on the green trail from Moszczaniec to Puławy Górne, at the mouth of Moszczaniec stream to the Wisłok river.

It is one of the oldest villages in Beskid Niski. The first mentions come from 1361. The village was probably founded on so-called "surowym korzeniu" (raw root) which means freshly grubbed up land. Perhaps the name of the village refers to it. The majority of the population was Greek Catholic and had their own church, which was demolished after 1947 and fragments of the iconostasis are in the Historical Museum in Sanok. The population of the Roman Catholic religion belonged to the parish in Jaśliska.

To the present day, two cemeteries and a place where the Orthodox church used to stand have survived in the village. On the hill on the banks of the Moszczaniec there is a place where once an Orthodox church stood and an old cemetery: you can recognize this place from away, by a clump of tall, old trees surrounding it. Several damaged crosses have survived. There is a second cemetery on the opposite hill - a dozen or so gravestones have survived. In addition, walking along the road we can come across several roadside crosses. Currently there is a "Darów" forester's lodge in the village.

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