The Jasiel is former, non-existent anymore Lemko village, located in the upper Jasiołka valley. It is located within the "Źródliska Jasiołki" nature reserve, which is part of the Jaśliski Landscape Park. The name of the village probably comes from the crystal-clear water. The village was founded under Wallachian law in the 16th century as a royal village. In the 18th century a Greek Catholic church was built here, which, however, did not survive to this day. During World War I, the village suffered significantly, because bitter battles were fought for the ridge of the Carpathians. During World War II, Soviet troops broke through this as part of the Dukla-Prešov operation, hence the war cemetery is located near the place of the Orthodox church. One of the metering routes to Hungary also ran this way. After the war, the bands of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) took over the area. In 1946 a crime took place here by the UIA against Polish soldiers and policemen. Then the residents were evicted. The Orthodox church cemetery, the former watchtower of the Border Protection Forces (BPF), and several crosses have survived to this day. When hiking through the valley we encounter also two monuments: the first commemorating the Home Army Couriers of the Beskidy and the second commemorating the memory of BPF soldiers murdered by the UIA (stands on the foundations of a former watchtower).

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