The Monument of the Beskids Couriers in Jasiel

49°21'59"N 21°54'53"E (49.366519, 21.914831)

The Jasiel is former, non-existent anymore Lemko village, located in the upper Jasiołka valley. It is located within the "Źródliska Jasiołki" nature reserve, which is part of the Jaśliski Landscape Park. Hiking through the valley we will come across a monument commemorating the Home Army Couriers of the Beskids. The monument was erected on the initiative of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) branch in Brzozów in 1981, during the 2nd Rally on the Trail of Beskids Couriers and the presentation was made by Jan Łożański himself, pseudonym the "Eagle" - one of the most famous couriers of the Headquarters of the Union of Armed Struggle. A tourist route "Jaga-Kora" marked with the symbol of Fighting Poland (anchor shaped) from Rymanów was marked out to Jasiel and it is a reconstruction of the historical courier route of the ZWZ-AK (Union of Armed Struggle-Home Army) Main Headquarters leading the officers in 1940-1945. This route was used by members of the Underground State: couriers, emissaries, guides, who carried important documents and information as well as fugitives from Nazi persecution, and finally those who wanted to fight in Polish armed units formed abroad. Jan Łożański traveled the route through Jasiel leading from Warsaw to Budapest as many as 45 times, he was imprisoned couple of times by the Gestapo and Hungarians. The "Eagle" described his memories in the book "Kurierskim Szlakiem po Beskidzie Niskim”.

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