Wola Piotrowa

, 38-505 Wola Piotrowa
49°27'07"N 22°02'42"E (49.4522, 22.045181)

Wola Piotrowa is a small village located in the Bukowsko commune, in the Sanok district. The village was located in the first half of the 16th century under Wallachian law. In 1944 the first deportations of residents to Ukraine and the Regained Territories started. The Operation Vistula in 1947 finished this process and the village was not only deserted but also destroyed. It is interesting that in the 1960s Polish Protestants from Śląsk Cieszyński began to settle in Wola Piotrowa. In the beginning, they lived in tents, then they lived in wooden barracks and after that in the first stone houses. In 1984 the local Protestant community built a stone prayer house. At present it is a typical agricultural village and is mainly inhabited by Pentecostalists. It is a movement of Christianity grown and rooted in Protestantism, characterized by a unique emphasis on the significance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, including prophesying and healing the sick, e.g. by putting the hands on and praying and glossaring (uttering incomprehensible sounds in a state of religious ecstasy). Most of the residents belong to the Protestant congregation of Evangelical Pentecostal Community, which was established here in the 1970s. Additionally, there is one more community of a Pentecostal-unity nature associated with the William Branham movement.

There is a ski lift and several agritourism farms in Wola Piotrowa. Taking the yellow trail one can get from here to Kanasiówka peak (831 m a. s. l.).

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