The cemetery in Przybyszów

Przybyszów is a former Lemko people village situated by the Płonka River between Tokarnia (778 m a. s. l.) and Szeroki Łan (688 m a. s. l.) peaks. The village was founded in the 16th century. After the World War II, it was completely displaced and destroyed. An Orthodox church from 1840 had been in the village. After the World War II however it was also demolished.

To present day, after the old village, two cemeteries and a place where the Orthodox church used to stand remains. Better preserved and also the older cemetery is situated just by the road that leads the red Main Beskids Trail from Tokarnia towards Komańcza. Recently, the cemetery has been tidied up and the bushes have been sorted out. A dozen or so tombstones have survived. The older cemetery is a bit out of the way and there are only two gravestones there. There is a serfdom’s cross by the trail, next to the entrance to the forest.

At present there is only one building in Przybyszów - Cottage in Przybyszów offering accommodation for hikers. It is situated on the Main Beskid Trail, near the descent from Tokarnia to a country road

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