, 38-503 Mrzygłód
49°37'06"N 22°16'22"E (49.618581, 22.272808)

Mrzygłód is located about 15 km north of Sanok, on the left bank of the San River. It was formerly known as Tyrawa Królewska and together with Tyrawa Solna it formed one locality, but probably change of the San River course resulted in their demarcation and the name Mrzygłód, sometimes the name Miasteczko appeared.

On 12th of September 1425 Władysław Jagiełło entrusted Matiasz of Zboisk with establishing a city under German law. Six years later, the king granted the right for the city to hold 2 fairs per year. In 1424 a church was established, which has survived to the present day as the Church of Sending the Apostles. In the 16th-17th century, the locality was a local center for handicraft and trade exchange on the trade route, leading via San Valley and also a place for loading salt on ships from salt-mines situated in the Słonne Mountains. In 1919 Mrzygłód was degraded to village status.

Today's Mrzygłód is attractive for tourists primarily due to the unique building complex referring to the Medieval town. The square has a rectangular shape from which the perpendicular streets go away. It is surrounded by wooden houses with gabled or hip roofs, facing the road with a gable wall. Here and there one can see the motif of so called “mrzygłodzka” carpentry in the form of "the circle and dovetail". The monument of Władysław Jagiełło is on the square. Right next to the market is the Gothic Church of Sending the Apostles, funded by the king as a vote of gratitude for winning the Battle of Grunwald.

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