The Church of Sending the Apostles in Mrzygłód

Mrzygłód 93, 38-503 Mrzygłód
49°37'02"N 22°16'19"E (49.617389, 22.272167)

Mrzygłód is a small locality located in the San Valley, about 15 km from Sanok. The original wooden buildings around the market from the 19th / 20th century have preserved here, but the most valuable monument is the Gothic Church of Sending the Apostles. The temple was constructed in the years 1415-1424, funded by King Władysław II Jagiełło as a vote of gratitude for the victory in the Battle of Grunwald. The church is made of stone, oriented (eastward), one-nave, with a narrower presbytery closed from three sides, with a sacristy and a church porch. The church, despite being rebuilt, kept the original characteristics of the south-eastern Poland Gothic style.

Inside the temple, the oldest element is a stone portal decorating the passage from the presbytery to the sacristy, constructed in the first half of the 16th century. In addition, there are 19th century reredos and a painting of Christ the King, signed with the letters I.S. and S.L. and the date 1660. An interesting fact is that the artist placed two the same noble coats of arms of Czech origin - Poraj. The altar crucifix in Baroque style is also valuable, the late Baroque baptismal font with an arched canopy and transparent cover with dry acanthus leaves from the first half of the 18th century and two crucifixes with folk Baroque features made in local workshops.

The church is surrounded by a stone wall from the mid-19th century. There is a stone belfry from 1836 built in the wall.

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