The Church of the Holy Trinity in Międzybrodzie

, 38-500 Międzybrodzie
49°35'54"N 22°11'38"E (49.598522, 22.194144)

The Greek Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity (now a Roman Catholic Affiliate Church, belonging to the parish in Trepcza) is located in Międzybrodzie on the Icons Trail. It was built in 1901 funded by Aleksander Wajcowicz - a doctor of medicine. As an insurgent from 1863, he was sent to Siberia. After he returned, he funded a church, a presbytery and a school. His tombstone is next to the Orthodox church's presbytery. The present church was built on the place of the previous - wooden from 1784, which unfortunately burned down in 1866.

The Orthodox church in Międzybrodzie was constructed in the Ukrainian national style, it is made of brick, single-domed, on the Greek cross plan. The roofs and the dome are covered with sheet metal. Inside there is an iconostasis with a rich woodcarving painted by Bogdanowicz from Lviv in 1900. Due to its limited area, it differs from the typical Carpathian iconostasis. There is no icon of locally revered saint and no icon of the patron of the church. Figurative and ornamental frescoes are on the walls and ceiling, among others St. Włodzimierz the Great, St. Olga, St. Cyril and Methodius. On the coping is an image of God the Father surrounded by eight seraphim. On the north wall there is a large portrait of the funder, made in 1899 by Feliks Bogdański, on which Wajcowicz is standing by the table and holding plans of the construction of the church. The tomb of the Dobrzański and Kulczycki families, built in the shape of the Cheops Pyramid, is located nearby the Orthodox church cemetery. They were the creators of the largest collection of kilims and rugs in Poland. Part of the collection is currently in Wawel and part in the Tatra Museum in Zakopane.

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