Eagle Stone (Orli Kamień)

49°34'37"N 22°14'25"E (49.577092, 22.240475)

Eagle Stone is a peak of 518 m a. s. l. height rearing above Sanok. It is also the westernmost massif in the Sanocko-Turczańskie Mountains. The summit is situated in the Słonne Mountains and it has the form of a 5 km long ridge stretching from the northwest to the southeast. In the summit parts there are rocks often called the "Eagle Rocks" or the “Eagle Stone” - hence the name. These are few meters high sandstone outliers, which create remarkable forms and shapes. Almost the entire massif is covered with forest. On the western shoulder the stronghold is situated. From the west, it is flown by the San River, which is the border with the Dynów Foothills and the Jasielsko-Krośnieńska Valley. In the east, Olchowski stream separates it from the Granicka massif (575 m a. s. l.) and from the main ridge of the Słonne Mountains it is separated by the pass and, in the north-east, the valley where Liszna village is located. Following the red trail from Sanok on the way we pass the viewpoint on Sanok.

A yellow nature path also leads to Eagle Stone.

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