The Polanki Nature Reserve

49°33'06"N 22°16'18"E (49.551667, 22.271667)

The Polanki Forest Reserve was established in 1996 and it has an area of 191.94 ha. It is situated by the Bykowce village in the Słonne Mountains Landscape Park. The reserve was established to protect the natural forest communities of the Carpathian beech forest. In addition to the great monumental, over a hundred years old beech trees, we also meet monumental firs. There are many rare species of the undergrowth, among others: hart's-tongue, hard-fern, Great horsetail, martagon lily, bird's-nest orchid, heath spotted-orchid. In the nature reserve you can also find many insects, including the butterfly clouded apollo, Jersey tiger, black hairstreak as well as the death's head moth, which arrives to Poland from southern Europe. There are many species of birds and mammals in the reserve. In the north-eastern part of the reserve there are rock outcrops called the "Big Stone" or the "Tower" and the "Little Stone" or the other name the “Wall". Built of sandstone from Ciężkowice, the first of them is about 12 m high, while the second is about 16 m long. There are also mineral water sources here. An educational trail and a green trail run through the reserve.

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