The gliding port on the slope of Kamionka in Bezmiechowa

Bezmiechowa Górna 111, 38-600 Lesko
49°31'19"N 22°24'36"E (49.522053, 22.410272)

Bezmiechowa is a village situated in the valley of Dyrbek stream, about 10 km north-east of Lesko. Above the village there is the Kamionka Mountain (631 m a. s. l.), from which one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Słonne Mountains extends to the entire Bieszczady Mountains. At the top there is a gliding port belonging to the Academic Gliding Center of the Rzeszów University of Technology of Tadeusz Góra. Bezmiechowa is the cradle of Polish gliding from 1930 to 1939, in the world it was known at that time as the Polish Academy of Gliding. The gliding port was established on the initiative of students of the Lviv University of Technology.

On 18th of May 1938 the PWS-101 glider piloted by Tadeusz Góra took off from the gliding port in Bezmiechowa. He travelled a distance of 577.8 km and landed in Soleczniki Małe near Vilnius. For this achievement, as the first pilot in the world, he was awarded the Lilienthal medal by the International Aviation Federation. It was the highest gliding distinction.

At the top, for the quests use is a restaurant and rooms for rent in the resort. Nearby the forest, on the edge of the runway, one can see huge barrels in which tourists once slept. A few walking paths pass through the peak of Kamionka.

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