The Dyrbek Nature Reserve

49°30'56"N 22°25'13"E (49.515661, 22.420283)

The Dyrbek Forest Reserve is located on the southwestern slope of Kamionka Mountain (631 m a. s. l.), rearing above Bezmiechowa. The reserve was established in 1996 and covers area of 130.88 ha. The name comes from one of the numerous streams that originate from the reserve. The main purpose of his establishment is to protect the natural communities of the Carpathian beech. In the old-growth forest is a significant number of over 100-year-old trees, whose tree trunk circuit often reach up to 450 cm. There are many valuable plants in the undergrowth, mezereon, listeracordata, symphytumcordatuma and valerianasambucifolia among others. The most precious species include the plants, which are on the “List of endangered plants in Poland” - Violet helleborine and species from the orchid family, which include bird's-nest orchid, lesser butterfly-orchid and broad-leaved helleborine. The reserve is a refuge for many species of animals and birds such as the lesser spotted eagle, eagle owl, black stork and Ural owl.

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