The GOPR Central Station in Sanok

Mickiewicza 49, 38-500 Sanok
49°34'08"N 22°12'19"E (49.568925, 22.205386)

The Bieszczady Group of Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue is one of 7 regional groups in Poland. In 1961 The Main Board of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue gave a task to Karol Dziuban to organize the Bieszczady Group due to the fact that more and more tourists were arriving to this region. On December 1st, 1961 Bieszczady GOPR Group started service in the Bieszczady Mountains and Beskid Niski and Dziuban became its chief.

At present, rescuers are on duty and on call all year round at the Central Station in Sanok and in two District Stations – Ustrzyki Górne and Cisna. Additionally, seasonal on-call rooms operate at Połonina Wetlińska in the Chatka Puchatka mountain shelter and in Dukla. At present, the Group employs 17 professional rescuers and organizes approximately 200 volunteer rescuers. The number of actions and interventions increases every year, which is associated with a constantly growing number of tourists. These actions are mainly related to limb injuries, sudden illnesses and searching. The Bieszczadzka Group closely cooperates with the Air Ambulance Service, whose base is located about 1 km from the Head Office. There are a few rooms available for rent by tourists at the office of GOPR.

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