The Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Sanok

Zamkowa 14, 38-500 Sanok
49°33'45"N 22°12'28"E (49.562761, 22.208014)

In Sanok there is the Orthodox Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity situated next to the castle. This Classicist structure was erected in 1784 as a Greek Catholic parish church, but in 1956 it was taken over by the Orthodox Church. On 6th of September 1983, the status of the temple was raised to cathedral rank, and in 1996 - metropolitan cathedral.

Inside there is a complete iconostasis from the 19th century and the 17th-century Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God of Sanok. Figural and ornamental polychromes were made in the 19th and 20th century. This Orthodox church is not typical for such sacral structures because it has two additional sacrificial altars. The altar on the right is a symbol of the Orthodox church, which formerly was located in the castle square, whereas the altar on the left was dedicated to the icon of the Mother of God, which was moved from the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God demolished in 1790. Next to the church there is a stone belfry from 1827 and a tenement house constructed in 1905-1908, which a diocesan office is situated.

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