The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Zagórz the Mother of New Life in Zagórz

Piłsudskiego 137, 38-540 Zagórz
49°30'10"N 22°15'43"E (49.502803, 22.262217)

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Zagórz the Mother of New Life in Zagórz is located at the regional road No. 892 leading to Komańcza, on the green trail running from Zagórz to Lesko. It is a late Baroque church built in the second half of the 18th century and consecrated in 1745, in the place where a Gothic chapel had been previously. This chapel, according to legend, was built by Kazimierz the Great, who stopped near Sanok on the road to Ruthenia. In his dream, the Mother of God was to appear to him, and promising the success of the expedition, asked him to establish a chapel in her memorial in this area. The king found the place shown in a dream by Mary and ordered to build the chapel and after a happy return from the expedition he sent a painting of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary painted on wood.

The present church is a one-nave structure, with a vestibule and sacristy, built of stone and plastered. Inside in the main altar is the painting of the Annunciation, famous for its grace. It is a late Gothic work from the second half of the 16th century, painted on a linden board of 121 x 146 cm. It shows the scene of the Annunciation with numerous iconic elements. Archangel Gabriel in richly decorated array, supported by a pageboy, turns to Mary. He is holding a sash with an inscription. The figure of the Mother of God is placed at the kneeler with a book. Mary opens her hands in a humble gesture, and above her head two little angels hold a rich, ornate crown.

The side altars were made later, after a fire in 1911. The pulpit is one of the oldest elements of the temple's equipment and had been created before 1700.

In 2007 the status of the church was pulled up to the rank of a sanctuary, and Our Lady of Zagórz was granted the title of Mother of New Life, and her image was topped with papal crowns. The church is located on the Marian Trail (Światełko ze Wschodu - Light from the East).

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