The Orthodox Church of the Meeting of the Lord in Morochów

Morochów 15, 38-542 Morochów
49°28'07"N 22°11'01"E (49.468703, 22.183778)

The Orthodox Church of the Meeting of the Lord in Morochów was built in 1837 and served Greek Catholics as the Orthodox Church of Our Lady of Candles. However, after the Operation Vistula and displacement of the population, the church was abandoned and was not used for years. In 1961 it was handed over to the Orthodox and has served them till today.

This is a temple built in the East Lemko’s style, wooden, covered with sheet metal. The Orthodox church is oriented, log frame structure, tripartite (presbytery, nave, women's gallery). Above the women's gallery there is a pillar-shaped tower with an onion-shaped helmet. Inside, there is an original, three-zone 19th century iconostasis. The walls are decorated with polychrome presenting saints, the starry sky was painted on the ceiling. Next to the church there is a wooden belfry of a pole structure, covered with a tin tent roof with an onion-shaped helmet. It is equipped with four bells. A magnificent wooden cross was erected next to the temple to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the baptism of Ruthenia.

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