The Orthodox Church of Saint Michael the Archangel and the cemetery in Kulaszno

The present Greek Catholic Church of Saint Michael the Archangel in Kulaszno was constructed in 2006. It is in the place where the temple  built in1901  stood before. It represented the north-eastern type of the Lemko church in a variant without the tower. After 1947, both Greek and Roman Catholics used the church. A new temple was built after the fire in 1974.

In direct proximity of the Orthodox church there is a cemetery with characteristic evergreen shrubs. It is  divided into two parts – old one, with overgrown with grass and a few gravestones and a new one – in use and with new gravestones. Nearby the Orthodox church, among tall thujas there is a tombstone with a cross made of horseshoes. A well-known artist from Bieszczady - sculptor Andrzej Wasilewski, better known as Jędrek Połonina, is buried here. He died tragically on September 4, 1995, hit by a car in Komańcza. He is considered to be the creator of “dusiołki” i.e. the cheerful Bieszczady devils and “czady” carved in linden wood. He is often referred to as the best known Bieszczady mountain thug. Some of his works can be admired in various places in the Bieszczady Mountains, e.g. in the church in Wola Michowa and Średnia Wieś.

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