The Monastery of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth (Nazareth Sisters) in Komańcza Letnisko

Komańcza 27, 38-543 Komańcza
49°20'56"N 22°04'31"E (49.348986, 22.075542)

The Monastery of Nazareth Sisters is located in the part of Komańcza called Letnisko. The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth was founded in 1875 by Franciszka Siedlecka in Rome. The facility, which is occupied by the Sisters, was built in 1931 as a Swiss-style spa guesthouse. Practically from the beginning of the existence of this facility, a part of it served as a monastery and the other one as a holiday home. Among the visitors we should mention the three-time Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Professor Kazimierz Bartel and Karol Wojtyła - the priest at the time. From October 29, 1955 until October 28, 1956 in this place the Primate Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński was interned by the authorities of the PRL. To commemorate this fact, the Cardinal's Chambers of Remembrance  was created in the monastery, in which utility items and other souvenirs related to stay in Komańcza were collected. There are also interesting photos of the Cardinal and the chapel in which Wyszyński performed religious services. The monastery is located just by the red Main Beskids Trail.

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