The Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Komańcza

Komańcza 216, 38-543 Komańcza
49°20'25"N 22°03'20"E

To the west of the center of Komańcza, on the road to Czystogarb, there is an Orthodox church on a little hill. Unfortunately, this is a reconstruction of the previous temple, which burned down on 13th of September 2006. Only the bell tower and Orthodox wooden crosses survived the fire.

The original Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Mother of God was constructed in 1802 and consecrated in 1805 as a Greek Catholic Orthodox church. In 1963 it was transferred to the Orthodox people. This Orthodox church was one of three Orthodox churches representing the variant without tower of the northeastern Orthodox church (it has finials in the form of spherical helmets above every part of the Orthodox church). Originally the temple was tripartite (women's gallery, nave and presbytery). Every part was closed with a dome, the culmination were octagonal towers (onion-shaped helmets) of various sizes. In the Orthodox church there was a four-zone iconostasis from 1832 from Wołosianka village from Użocka Pass area, an altar from 1803, a side altar from the end of the 17th century and fragments of iconostasis and altars from other Orthodox churches – i.a. from a nonexistent Orthodox church in nearby Dołżyca. Everything burned down during the fire, including many precious old prints, processional banners, solea - the brink of elevation in front of the iconostasis - which in Komańcza was ornamentally decorated (polychromed), the polychromes on the walls and domes, a patron’s pew from the 19th century.

The fire was sat accidentaly by the tourists. The replica of the temple built in 2008–2010 precisely reproduces the previous building.

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