The Church of Mother of God Benefactress of Christians in Radoszyce

, 38-543 Radoszyce
49°18'15"N 22°02'51"E (49.304211, 22.04775)

Radoszyce is a small village located between Komańcza and Radoszycka Pass on the Polish-Slovak border. The village is considered to be the oldest in the Osławica basin, mentioned in 1361. In the village is a wooden old Greek Catholic Orthodox Church of St. Dymitr, and now the Church of Mother of God Benefactress of Christians. The temple was constructed on a little hill in 1868 in the northeastern Lemko church style in the tower version. It is marked by a small tower with straight walls erected above the western part of the women's gallery (front part of the nave). The churches in Szczawno, WisłokWielki and Zawadka Rymanowska also represent the same style. The church is oriented, of a log frame structure, tripartite with a small vestibule. The building is covered with a single-ridge, gable roof with three spherical helmets above individual parts. The Orthodox church is currently covered with sheet metal, previously it was covered with shingles. Inside there is an iconostasis dated the end of the 19th century. Prazdnik - i.e. 12 icons representing individual church holidays, which in 1991 were stolen and now in the temple are their copies. In front of the Orthodox church is a magnificent screen bell tower, made of brick, built in the beginning of the 20th century, as well as a wall made of crushed rock gravel. Next to the Orthodox church there is an old cemetery with one gravestone dated 1868.

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