Osława Gorge Nature Reserve by the Duszatyn River

49°19'02"N 22°06'14"E (49.317383, 22.104164)

It is a nature reserve established in 2000 covering an area of over 322 ha. It covers the meandering section of the Osława River, called Łokieć (the Elbow). Here, the river flows around a small hill called Łokieć (515 m a. s .l.), making an arc around it. Above the river in this place one of the highest and longest (50 m long) bridge of the narrow gauge railway is built. Nearby the bridge there is also an enchanting cascade and sources of mineral water. We can see various rock forms and landslide remains. The forests of the reserve include stands of the Carpathian alder, spruce and pine forests, fir forests and magnificent specimens of wych elms and sycamore. Mussels, brown trout, grayling and chub, minnow and other fish live in the water. The reserve is adjacent to the red Main Beskids Trail, running from Prełuki to Duszatyn.

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