, 38-542 Duszatyn
49°18'44"N 22°07'02"E (49.312469, 22.117428)

Duszatyn is currently a forest settlement, situated at the foot of Wysoki Dział, at the point where Olchowaty stream flows into the Osława river. The village was founded under Wallachian law before 1572. It was often harassed by Hungarian Tollahs, i.e. Carpathian highland robbers at that time. In 1925 a Greek Catholic Orthodox Church of St. Vladimir the Great was built here. It was a wooden building, built in the Ukrainian national style, on the Greek cross plan, crowned with an octagonal dome above the nave, ridge roofs and above its other parts. Unfortunately, in the 1950s it was destroyed. After the end of World War II, all population of Duszatyn was displaced and the village buildings were destroyed. The present buildings belong to forestry workers. In the 19th century, on 11 km section on the route Duszatyn - Komańcza was built a forest narrow-gauge railway route intended for transportation wood to the railway station in Komańcza. Only the embankment on which the track run has survived to this day. Later, the railway line Mików - Rzepedź was  constructed, running through Duszatyn, which operated until the early 90s, transporting not only wood but also tourists. The track has survived to this day.

The red Main Beskids Trail from Komańcza towards Duszatyńskie Lakes runs through Duszatyn.

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