The Cemetery in Balnica

, 38-543 Balnica
49°12'11"N 22°11'08"E

Balnica, before was displaced and destroyed in 1947, was a Lemko village, located in the valley of the stream of the same name. In the village was a Greek Catholic church consecrated in 1856. It was a wooden and brick temple, covered with a ridge roof topped with a spherical helmet. The first mention of this church is from 1830. Masses were celebrated by the priests coming from Maniów. The Greek Catholic church hierarchy Stefan Sułyk was born in Balnica, in 1980 he was appointed as the Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Greek Catholic Archieparchy (equivalent to the Western Archdiocese) of Philadelphia by John Paul II. Next to the church was a stone belfry with three bells cast in the workshop of the Felczyński brothers in Przemyśl. One of them was buried in the pitch of one of the huts, then unearthed and now it can be watched in the Sanok open-air museum. The Orthodox church was deconstructed step by step - the wooden parts were used to build a stable in Wola Michowa, the chandelier got to the Orthodox church in Osadne (Slovakia), some furnishing, such as the large-size Gospel ornamented with silver and precious stones, was first taken to Pomerania and then was stolen.

Only the stone foundation and two crosses crowning the temple have survived to this day. There was a cemetery surrounded by a stone wall next to the Orthodox church - remnants have survived to this day. There are also several gravestones. Soldiers who died in World War I were also buried in the cemetery. The whole cemetery is covered with fields of common periwinkle.

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