The Narrow Gauge Railway Station in Balnica

, 38-543 Balnica
49°11'07"N 22°12'55"E (49.185353, 22.215464)

Balnica is a village at the stream of the same name, located just next to the border with Slovakia, which completely deserted after the Vistula Operation in 1947. Among the remains there are wayside crosses, the place where the Orthodox church was, the chapel. A narrow-gauge railway runs through Balnica, so-called Bieszczadzka Forest Railway, which is the highest narrow-gauge railway in Poland. Its construction started in 1890 and the main purpose was to transport wood to railway stations with regular track gauge and then transport them even farther. The designer was the Polish engineer Albin Zazula. The main trail run along the rivers Osława and Solinka. All work was done manually, the tracks were set on oak beams, qualified stonemasons were brought from Italy to build bridges and culverts. Additionally to wagons with wood, passenger trains also run. During the World War I and II, a large part of the railway infrastructure was destroyed. In 1996 erected the Bieszczady Narrow-Gauge Railway Foundation, which provided tourists with the opportunity to travel by railway wagons on two routes: Majdan - Balnica and Majdan - Przysłup.

In the 1950s in Balnica a building for a railway worker, who took care of the track especially in winter was constructed. At present there is a terminal station and a private  hostels are located there. A blue border trail runs in direct proximity of the station.

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