The springs in Rabem

49°18'21"N 22°14'41"E (49.306003, 22.244844)

Rabe is a former village located along Rabski Creek, around 5 km southwest of Baligród. There are mine workings of so-called thick quarry where deposits of hard Istebnian sandstone are mined. This area is described by geologists as the Bystry shell. The oldest rock formations in the Bieszczady Mountains come out on the surface here, so-called Cieszyńskie and Igockie layers, formed mainly in the upper Cretaceous. One can find minerals such as: realgar (arsenic sulfide), orpimentation (yellow arsenic) and rock crystal in the rocks. It is area that favors the occurrence of mineral waters. Springs that are here contain acidulous bicarbonate-chloride-sodium waters with the addition of arsenic compounds classified as unique in Europe. The water from the Anna spring (Rabe 1 well) contains micronutrients: lithium, arsenic and iron, which can be explained by enrichment of water with these elements during water infiltration, through appropriate deposits (iron ore).

Lithium and arsenic waters are very rare and the common occurrence of these elements in one water is extremely rare (such waters have not been detected in any spa). Relatively low content of these elements in water is a positive phenomenon (there difference between toxic and therapeutic concentrations is very little).

The water from the well is available for tourists from May to October. The owner of the Anna spring Rabe 1 well is Uzdrowisko Rymanów S.A.

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