The Synarewo Chapel in Rabska Valley

49°18'15"N 22°14'21"E (49.304347, 22.239306)

The Synarewo Chapel is located in the non-existent village of Rabe near Baligród. A marked path leads to it, the entrance to the chapel  is located just off the main road running through Rabe, just next to a little shed. The name Synarewa is a verbal compound. The hillside belonged to a Jew named Rew. One of the parts of this mountain got the son of Rew in his testament, but because no one remembered his name, so it was said that the slope belongs to the "son of Rev". The chapel was constructed probably at the beginning of the 19th century. It is made of stone and the roof is covered with sheet metal. Inside there is a figure of the Mother of God. It is one of many pilgrimage chapels in Bieszczady. Before the World War II, this place was worshiped by a unique cult. Pilgrims were coming not only from the surrounding villages but also from the regions of present Slovakia and Hungary.

A spring considered miraculous, especially in the treatment of eye diseases, flows directly from under the chapel. According to the legend, the chapel is built the place where the Mother of God appeared to one of the inhabitants of Rabe – Fec Dziuła. Another legend tells about the shepherd from Huczwice Mikołaj Sycz, who was cured of blindness by washing his eyes in the water from the spring.

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