Bobrowe (Beaver) Lake

49°18'45"N 22°12'26"E (49.3125, 22.2075)

Bobrowe (Beaver) Lake is located at the foot of the northern slopes of Chryszczata (997 m a. s. l.), between non-existent villages of Huczwice and Sukowate. The lake did not appear naturally as the stream flowing here was partitioned by an earth embankment in the mid-1990s. Within the reintroduction program, beavers were introduced here and they quickly settled in this area. Characteristic stumps of flooded trees protrude from the lake. The banks are overgrown with alder trees. There are also forest rushes, meadowsweet, common reed and broadleaf cattail.

In 2014 The Baligród Forest Inspectorate constructed a large, roofed terrace just by the shore, which is a great viewpoint on the lake. In addition to beavers, black stork, herons, bison, deer and among the amphibians: newts, grass frogs, toads, tree frogs and others can be observed here. Next to the shelter there are benches and a bike rack. By the lake there is also a wooden shrine commemorating the 50th anniversary of creation of the "Jarząbek" hunting club in Baligród.

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