Charcoal burning in Kołonice

Kołonice is a former – non-existent anymore village (displaced during Operation Vistula) situated in the Baligród commune. A black tourist trail runs through its area from the Przełęcz pod Jaworem towards Jabłonki and Łopiennik peak.One of Kołonice's attractions is one ofthe last charcoal burning in the Bieszczady Mountains. Its source is hardwood like beech or hornbeam and since these trees prevail in the Bieszczady forests, so there were a lot of burning places. Originally, coal was burned in so-called charcoal pile, so the pits in which wood was laid, then everything was covered with soil as charcoal is obtained in the process of wood burning, with limited oxygen access controlled by the coal miner. In the 1970s, retorts - large metal furnaces replaced charcoal piles. The burning rules are the same as in the charcoal piles. The loaded retort is fired from below and then fires for about 24 hours. The next day the process of extinguishing takes place - the retort closes tightly and in this way it is cooled down. About half of the wood, that we put in remains in the form of charcoal. Other burning derivatives that we can get in addition to coal are tar, gunge and turpentine. In 2012 the number of places where coal was burned in Bieszczady was 12 with 80 retorts, now there are only a few of them left.

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