The historical site in Jabłonki

, 38-606 Jabłonki
49°16'32"N 22°17'07"E (49.275583, 22.285417)

In Jabłonki, a small village located between Cisna and Baligród the monument of general Karol Świerczewski, alias "Walter" was there until March 2018. Here on 28th of March 1947 the Deputy of Minister of National Defense Świerczewski was mortally wounded. That day Walter came to Baligród to visit the post of one of the regiment's battalions. Learning that this is not the southernmost garrison, he decides to go to Cisna. In Jabłonki it comes to firing by UPA, resulting in death of Świerczewski after being shot three times and death of two other people. However, to this day it is not entirely clear who is to blame for this death. This event is by many historians considered as the final argument for the almost total displacement of the population under the code name “Operation Vistula”, which began exactly one month after Świerczewski’s death.

The monument, which was placed here in 1962, was topped with a stylized Piast eagle, forged of tank metal sheets. The monument imitated the walls of Spanish Grenada. On the front part was made of stone face of the general facing the last skirmish and behind the obelisk there is a hill which name was changed in honor of the general from Woronikówka to Walter. As a consequence of the decommunization act the monument was removed. Till today, next to the place where the monument was, in a very neglected garden you can find a boulder, where the remnants of the inscription General Karol Świerczewski can be notified.

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